Something about 30

They say turning 30 is a whole new era of life; finally a “real” adult, finally accepted as a real adult by friends, family and the entire world.  It’s the time when you have a whole new perspective on life and things that used to matter no longer even exist in your thought process.  It’s the time when settling down becomes more attractive than having an ever changing roster of one night stands.  It’s the time when career and family are at the top of your priority list and things like partying EVERY night, getting white boy wasted and blowing money fast aren’t as appealing.  The age of responsibility.

What they don’t tell you is, although this age brings on real responsibilities, for a woman, it also brings on a whole new level of life that I would have never even thought existed.  Somewhat like an unexposed stairway in a house that you never knew was there.  A level of life that makes you feel like you can see heaven and literally drift off in a cloud.  A new level of sex!!!

My mama always told me “baby when you turn 30, the shit gets hot, heavy and fierce.”  Yes she really said that!  She told me “what you think you’re doing now ain’t shit…wait until you turn 30.”  And as much as I try to pay my crazy mom no mind, she hit the nail on the head.  As I’ve approached my 30’s, I can’t lie, my sex drive has quadrupled and although sex (with the right person) has ALWAYS been great, it’s a completely different ball game now.  I think a lot of it has to do with really knowing yourself.  I can truly say I’m so in touch with my femininity and my sexuality.  I am in love with being a woman.  I love my body; all my curves and edges and I’m way beyond that awkward stage of being shy naked, being scared to try new things and definitely beyond being afraid to express exactly how I need to be touched, kissed, licked, held and anything in between.  Seriously though, 90% of my thinking is about sex and I almost thought something was wrong with me until in my Sex and the Queen City (SATQC) forum, I asked other women that were in their late 20’s and up their thoughts. 

Some of the responses included; “Ma’am! I turned 30 and the shit went crazy!!!  I want it alllll the time,” “I’m feeling at nearly 30 like my sex drive can’t be complemented.  I thought I was tripping.  I can get it in whenever, wherever, however.  All day long.  30 looking pretty good for me,” “The sex is wayyyy better in your 30’s, you get horny more often and orgasms happen so fast.  It’s more satisfying because you know what you want and how you want it.”  Just having ladies night with my girls and talking about sex, we all have these same feelings as well.  This is definitely the age of realization!  Also, as a woman approaches her late 20’s and enters into her 30’s, hormone levels are at its highest levels, which plays a major part in her sexual incline.  Whatever the reason, I’m not complaining at all.  “They” say it’s even better in your 40’s which probably explains the high level of cougars running around.

All I’m saying is, men (or women) better take heed to their ladies and keep the BS at a minimum and the intimacy at a maximum.  We aren’t playing ANY games.  There is definitely something special about hitting the 30 mark and I’m excited to ride the wave.  To those that don’t feel the same, explore yourself and love yourself (because if you don’t, nobody will).  These are just my thoughts…

Until next time,

Ya Girl LG



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